About The Kismetologist



  1. destiny; fate.

My incredibly supportive friends can attest that I have thought often about launching something of my own. Over the years, I've thrown around names, wrote content ideas, opened Instagram accounts, designed logos, and bought domain names. Still, nothing stuck because I was never quite in love with any of the ideas. So, rather than launching something I wasn't quite sure about, I scrapped my ideas, my websites, and all of my work, repeatedly. This time, though, The Kismetologist is the real deal.

I love traveling, restaurants, and adventures. Drop me in any city and not only will I eagerly explore but also make friends along the way. I tend to look at things with a mystical perspective. This just means  I think everything happens for a reason (yep, the good and the bad) and believing  – because I've experienced it firsthand – that when you let go, you can have some of your greatest adventures. So in honor of all the little things, welcome to The Kismetologist, a celebration of food, drink, and travel finds with a good vibes bent.